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:: Hold For Pickup ::
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(last database update: Fri Jun 21 17:47:58 2024 PST)

Q&A : In-Store Pickup Option

The handling/service charge in Q2 will be waived for a limited time.

Q1. What is in-store pickup option? How do I ask for product to be held for in-store pick up?
A1 Place your order on line and select Hold for in-store pick up as your ship option. We will not be able to handle this option over the phone.

A2 When the product is physically in stock, the full value of your in-stock item+taxes as well as any service/handling charge, will be billed to your credit card.

A3 You will receive a confirmation code (credit card authorization number) via email advising that your order is ready for pick up. This is your one and only notification that your product has been put aside for you and hold till 6pm the next business day for in-store pick up.

A4 The in-store pick up option is only available to active members with purchase history within the preceding 365 days.

Q2. I understand that there is no shipping charges. Is there any service/handling charge to hold an order for pickup?
A The service/handling charge is $5.00 per day regardless of the number of items or orders.

Q3. Why do I have to submit my credit card number online if I am picking up in person?
A The product is put aside and reserved for you and therefore we require full payment.

Q4. I understand how the pick up work if the product is in-stock. What if I place a special order for out of stock items, or for upcoming new releases?
A Please refer to Q1-A2 above. We will process the charges only when the product is physically in stock. You will then receive a confirmation code as per Q1-A3 above.

Q5. How long do you hold my order for?
A In stock orders are held until 6 pm the next business day.

Q6. What if I change my mind and don't pickup the "hold" order or decide to buy a different item?
A No problem. If you do not pick up your order by the expiration time, we will simply cancel your order. The $ amount which we billed to your credit card, less service/handling fee, though non-refundable, will be left for future use on your C&L account. The service/handling fee is non-refundable and non-reusable.

Q7. What if I place an order for pick up, and it isn't there when I come to pick it up?
A In this very unlikely event, we will refund the handling charge and ship your orders free of charge to your destinated address on file.

Q8. I have multiple items on my order and they arrive on different days. Can I wait until all the items are in stock and pick them up all in one trip?
A Per Q5 above, we only hold in-stock product till 6pm the next business day. Product arriving on multiple days will incur multiple service/handling charge.

Q9. I do not have a credit card. Can I still use this Hold for In-Store Pickup service?
A Yes. You can pay using Interac e-Transfer

Q10. Can I apply promo codes or coupons when using the Hold for In-Store Pickup service?
A No. Promo codes and coupons are not applicable when selecting the Hold for In-Store Pickup shipping option. However, any special pricing that are already built-in are still valid and will be locked in.

Q11. Will I lose any money for not picking up my order?
A As per Q6, your order will be cancelled and your money, less service/handling charge, will be left for future use on your C&L account. Your order has been cancelled, but your product may still be available for purchase after the pick up date.

Disclaimer: This HOLD for in-store Pick up option is provided for the convenience of our members. C&L will not accept any responsibility or consequences due to the failure in carrying out this service.

Blood Simple Blood Simple
Jan 9th
4K Ultra/Blu-Ray
Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In IV Pt 2 Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In IV Pt 2
Jan 9th
Oldboy: Deluxe Limited Edition Oldboy: Deluxe Limited Edition
Jan 9th
4K Ultra
One Piece: Season 13 Voyage 4 One Piece: Season 13 Voyage 4
Jan 9th

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